Psychological support to Ukrainian teachers and students

Vostok SOS provides psychological support to Ukrainian teachers and students. At the same time children and educators continue the path of education in the conditions of war.

Our psychological support is diverse:

– “Warm groups” and webinars for educators
The purpose of the measures is to provide support tools during wartime. Psychologist Rusana Dyka works with teachers, educators, school psychologists, managers and social pedagogues. Online group meetings take place 1-2 times a week (5-15 participants), the psychologist also conducts individual sessions.

– “Warm groups” and webinars for teenagers
Some schoolchildren are in Ukraine, others are abroad. Often, adaptation in a new country, separation from friends and home becomes a significant challenge for teenagers. Our goal is to provide not only information and exercises, but to embrace them with support and acceptance. Currently, a permanent group of 6 participants has been formed.

– Resource groups of psychological support with Olena Kovalchuk
During meetings with psychologists, teachers improve their mental state, analyze boundaries, emotions and anxiety, and also talk about co-creativity with students. From November to December, 18 practical and theoretical classes have already been held.

We are keeping you updated with new information about the events from the psychological team in our announcements.

The support groups are organized by the Charitable Foundation “Vostok SOS” in partnership with the Estonian organization MTÜ Mondo and with the financial support of Estonian Centre for International Development.