Yulia Krasilnykova

Executive Director

Yulia is civil and cultural activist from Luhansk. Since 2009 Yulia has worked in the Luhansk civic organizations “Stan”, “SCGI” and Human rights Center “Postup” (Advance). In April 2014, after forced displacement from Luhansk, Yulia has become one of the co-founders of the volunteer initiative Vostok SOS. Yulia has promoted five important sectors of work of the organization. In the hardest months of 2014 Yulia founded the branch of humanitarian response and led it in 2014-2015. In the end of 2014 Yulia has organized and led the team of documenters, which since then up to now collects the information on war crimes and deliver it to national investigative authorities and international courts. The first Festival of Thoughts in Sievierodonetsk in 2017 was held due to Yulia’s effort. The it has become the main intellectual and dialogue event of the East of Ukraine. In 2020-2021 Yulia has headed the educational branch of Vostok SOS. Its aim is to develop new institutions of civil society in the conflict area and creating democratic culture in the East of Ukraine. In 2014-2017 Yulia was a member of the Council of the organization, and headed it since 2019 to 2021. In September 2021 by the general consent of the organization Yulia Krasilnykova was elected as the Executive director of the Vostok SOS foundation.

Kateryna Skrypova

Head of the Board. Humanitarian Program Coordinator

Ivetta Kuzmina

Board Member. Finance Manager

Ivetta is the co-founder of Human rights Center “Postup” (Advance) and the Vostok SOS charity foundation. She was a human right defender in the pre-war Luhansk. In March 2009 she joined the first and the only Ukrainian network of the human rights child centers. Ivetta was an activist of the Civil sector of Euromaidan in Luhansk. In the end of the April 2014 she was forced to leave Luhansk. Together with the teams of Human rights Center “Postup”, Crimean human rights center “Diya” and activists of the Civil sector of Euromaidan in Luhansk Ivetta participated in creation of the initiative Vostok SOS.
From the very first days of the initiative she created and worked on the 24/7 “hotline” of Vostok SOS. She was one of the initiators of opening the humanitarian branch of the organization. She supported the people who were forced to leave their housings because of war.
She is an accountant of the foundation since the first day of its existence. She takes an active participation in the development of the foundation.

Milan Zaitsev

Board Member. Humanitarian Program Manager

Oksana Kuiantseva

Board Member. Humanitarian Program Manager

Evheniia Tkachuk

Board Member. Hotline Coordinator

Yevhen Holovanevskii

Evacuation persons with reduce mobility Coordinator

Natalia Kaplun

Documenting Program Coordinator

Nataliya joined the team of Vostok SOS in summer 2016 as an operator of protected data base of the coalition “Justice for peace in Donbas”, co-founded by Vostok SOS. Nataliya participated in the projects of the coalition: learned the experience of documenting the war-crimes and created data bases of civic organizations which worked and continue working on the armed conflict in Balkans within the framework of the project “Empowerment of the civil society for the transformation of the memory culture – non-violent ways for solving the cruel past of Donbas” with the help of the German organization KURVE Wustrow. She also participated in creating of the documentary exhibition “On the changing point” and as author of several chapters of the analytical compilations “To live against the odds” and “The city, from which the was started” which was dedicated to the problems of civilians during the war. Now Nataliya is the coordinator of the branch for documenting the human rights violations during the armed conflict in Ukraine.

Imke Hansen

MHPSS Program Coordinator. Trauma therapist

Dr. phil. Imke Hansen is a an interdisciplinary scholar specializing on experience of violence, memory, and trauma. She has been faculty at Hamburg University and at Uppsala University. Being a specialist in interviewing survivors of violence and war, she has collaborated in many Oral History projects.
With Vostok SOS, she works as a trainer and trauma therapist (Somatic Experiencing, EFT), supporting civil society development in the frontline area of Luhansk oblast. Combining theory and practice, she strives to enhance discourse about experiences of violence, trauma, and loss and the social capacities to overcome it.

Kseniia Synieokova

Educational Program Coordinator

Before meeting Vostok SOS Ksenia worked in Donbas in the educational cultural project on the development of culture in small towns and villages of Ukraine. In autumn 2020 during the time of massive fires in Luhansk region Ksenia joined the team of Vostok SOS as volunteer and then started to work in the educational branch as an event-manager. Now Ksenia is a coordinator of educational projects. One of them is “Volunteer teachers of Luhansk region”. Its goal is improving of the educational level of children in the front-line schools. Another one is the development of digital capabilities of teachers together with Estonian organization “MONDO”.

Kateryna Hrapovych

Communication and PR Coordinator

Oleksandra Chuhunova

Communication and PR Manager

Iryna Vasylieva

Humanitarian Program Manager

Irina joined Vostok SOS as volunteer in social psychological project “Hold the balance”. In 2017 she started to work on the “hotline” and then became a manager of social work. Particularly she participated in humanitarian missions of delivering relief consignments to the front-line settlements of Luhansk and Donetsk Oblast. Since 2019 Irina worked in humanitarian projects “Diakonie”, “Triangle”, “DRA” and “Libereco”. She provided social and humanitarian support for the people affected by fires in Luhansk Oblast in July and October 2020. At the moment Irina continues to provide support for the people in hard life conditions: people with cancer, children with disabilities and people of pre-retiree age who lost their job because of military conflict and COVID-19 pandemic.

Svitlana Agadzhanian

Humanitarian Program Manager

Denys Hedrovych

Humanitarian Program Manager

Hanna Antonenko

Humanitarian Program Manager

Oksana Kolesnyk

Humanitarian Program Manager

Kostiantyn Shapovalov

Humanitarian Program Manager. Hotline Operator

Yuliia Kishenko

Educational Program Manager

Julia actively participated in Euromaidan in Luhansk. She participates in the team of Vostok SOS almost from the very start. Initially Julia worked on the humanitarian hotline and then as a co-coordinator of the humanitarian branch where she worked on the searching for the resources for the support of internally displaced persons. She is the author of the integration projects for the temporarily displaced persons “Hold the balance” and “Vostok DOM”. Since 2016 she is a coordinator of newly founded educational branch. During the time of her work Julia has maintained hundreds of educational events with thousands of participants. She organized the network of schools of Luhansk Oblast for the project “Global education – we know the human rights”. Also Julia is co-coordinator of the “Festival of Thoughts” which is being in Sievierodonetsk for five years and gather thousands of people.
In 2014-2021 Julia has been elected as the member of the Council of the organization and was its head in 2019. Julia is experienced in practical sphere, she often goes to the “field” and communicates with the beneficiaries in the front-line settlements.

Svitlana Bannikova

Educational Program Manager

Svitlana has joined the crew of Vostok SOS in April 2016. Initially she worked as an operator of the hotline. She provided consultations on various questions and searched for the resources for support. From February 2017 Svitlana has started work as event manager in the educational sphere. She organized creative workshops for children. She took part in the preparation for the festivals “May 32” and “Festival of thoughts”. Svitlana has taught robotics technology LEGO Education and LEGO BOOST in the Vostok SOS Hub in Sievierodonetsk. In 2018 Svitlana coordinated the mentoring program for entrepreneurs. She is the co-organizer of the children educational program “UN Model” in Luhansk Oblast for five years now. Today she continues to coordinate educational projects of the foundation and works with the network of the schools in Luhansk Oblast “Global education – we know the human rights”.

Mariia Biliakova

Human Rights Watchdog. Social worker

Mariya was the active participant of Euromaidan in Luhansk. She started to collaborate with the team of Vostok SOS as an SMM specialist in the Internet-media informator.media since June 2014.
In 2017 Mariya joined the team of the documenters of the human rights violations and started to collect the war crimes to report them to national investigative authorities and international courts.
Within the framework of the project “Empowerment of the civil society for the transformation of the memory culture – non-violent ways for solving the cruel past of Donbas” with the help of the German organization KURVE Wustrow, she took part in the collection of information for the compilation “To live against the odds”, creating the exhibition “On the changing point”, and also the book about the situation in the occupied city of Slovyansk, “The city, from which the was started”.
Since 2018 and up to date Mariya provides social support for the former prisoners of war, their families and also relatives of the unaccounted.

Tetiana Petrova

Lawyer. Human Rights Watchdog

Before the armed conflict on Donbas Tetiana worked in the law enforcement and state institutions. In 2014 she had to move from the temporarily occupied territories to Mariupol, Donetsk Oblast. Tetiana joined the team of Vostok SOS in June 2016. She works in legal branch, providing free legal support for the survivors of the armed conflict and locals who faced hard life conditions. She provide consultation on the “hotline”. The main branch of the activity – the transition of the demarcation line (consultations about the order of the transition, help with the collecting necessary documents). Tetiana has regularly participated in the monitoring team on the human rights compliance on the checkpoints and settlements along the demarcation line.

Yana Shinkarenko

Lawyer. Human Rights Watchdog

Yana has lived in Donetsk before 2014. She worked as a lawyer for the civic organization “Sparta”. In 2014 she moved from the the temporarily occupied territories to Mariupol, Donetsk Oblast. In 2014-2016 Yana was a volunteer for the missions Dorcas and Caritas. In June 2016 she joined the team of Vostok SOS. Yana works in the legal branch. Now she provides free legal support for the victims of the armed conflict and the locals who faced hard life conditions. Also Yana provides consultations on the hotline and participates the monitoring of the human rights compliance on the checkpoints.

Tetiana Dontsova


Initially Tetiana participated as a volunteer on the “hotline”. Since 2015 Tetiana became a full member of the team and started to provide psychological and social support for the victims of the military conflict and also to support the families of the unaccounted, former prisoners of war and their relatives. In 2017-2018 Tetiana worked in the inter-ministerial group for rehabilitation of liberated from the captivity of the Presidential Office of Ukraine. In 2019-2021 Tetiana coordinated psychological branch of the organization. She is experienced in planning and performing of the international projects. In collaboration with the international organization MONDO she provided psychological and social support and organized rehabilitation events for the people affected with captivity and torture and also she maintained educational work on the topic of addictions for the families with hard life conditions. Tetiana collaborated with LIBERECO in the project “From conflict to dialogue and mutual understanding” for activists, police, teachers and teenagers. She also collaborated with the international foundation REVIVAL, GIZ, UNICEF and others. Tetiana is experienced in forming mobile groups for providing support in extreme conditions, organizing trainings and individual consultations.

Rusana Dyka


Rusana joined the team of the fund in February 2017. She started her work as practicing psychologist. Within the frame of the project «Dyakoni» she has founded the club of child psychology for preschool children and their parents “Uchtyshka” and also the psychological club for adults “Dovira”. Rusana worked on the hotline, providing psychological and social support. She has organized trainings, workshops and art-therapy classes for parents with children, for teachers and high school students, people of the older age in the villages and cities along the demarcation line in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblast. Together with the team of psychologists Rusana has worked on the creating of the methodical materials for the UNICEF project “Znayu-Diyu-Zminiuyu” (I know – I act – I change).
Now Rusana provides individual consultations and psychological-social support for the persons suffered from the military conflict, NGO and local inhabitants. She also maintains psychological clubs for teenagers and adults, works in the crew of mobile groups, providing regular and emergency help.

Serhii Kondratiev

System Аdministrator

Kseniia Denysenko

Hotline Operator

Valeria Rudeichuk

Hotline Operator

Oleksandr Shmaniev

Warehouse Manager

Serhii Zapotochnyi

Logistics Officer

Volodymyr Petrov

Logistics Officer

Artem Petrenko

Logistics Officer