East SOS Raises UAH 643 000 000 for Ukrainians in 2023

CF “East SOS” raised UAH 642,988,407 in the last year to assist those affected by the full-scale war in Ukraine. We extend sincere thanks to our dedicated partners and donors for their commitment to addressing urgent needs. Our direct engagement with international partners is crucial, exemplified by our cooperation agreement with USAID for evacuating people from war areas and de-occupied settlements. Currently, only three organizations in Ukraine are engaged in work through direct contracts.

Our partnership with the European Commission ensures sustainable institutional support for our team, delivering comprehensive psychological aid to frontline community residents, conducting monitoring and advocacy efforts, operating a continuous hotline, and documenting war crimes.

We express gratitude to UN OCHA for their attention to educators’ needs. Collaborating with our trusted partners at Mondo, we’ve launched the ambitious «Школу-вгору» (“School Up”) project, enhancing teachers’ digital skills and offering psychosocial support to students.

Our longstanding collaboration with Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe provides emergency relief to affected community members, establishes resilient points and school shelters, rehabilitates damaged homes, implements winterization programs, conducts evacuations, and supports legal efforts in frontline communities.

We thank CARE for their ongoing support in implementing initiatives like the all-Ukrainian safe spaces network «Затишно space» (“Cozy Space”) for women and girls since 2022, assisting over 6,500 visitors.

We extend our gratitude to LiberecoGerman Marshall FundFondation de FranceActionAidSolidar SuisseABA RoliTides FoundationBungeTerre des HommesPeace Winds Japan  and  Japan PlatformInternational Rescue CommitteeIntersosKURWE Wustrow for their unwavering support and extensive assistance to war victims. Another vital aspect is the donations from compassionate individuals and responsible businesses. In 2023, donations enabled us to procure essential equipment for SES teams and promptly provide materials for the restoration of war-damaged buildings and medical equipment for hospitals.

The international support and team efforts resulted in a near-impossible feat after the Kakhovka dam explosion. Within hours of the tragedy, we provided large-scale assistance. We are profoundly grateful for the unwavering support of those we can depend on. As we look ahead, there is much work to be done, and together, let’s continue making a difference!

Please follow the link to get more information about the financial report for 2023.

You can also contribute to our activities with a donation: https://send.monobank.ua/jar/83yyUuVwz2

Payment details:

Beneficiary: СO “CF “EAST-SOS”

Unified State Register Code: 39764400

IBAN: UA893005280000026007455028483

Purpose of payment: Charitable contribution

PayPal: [email protected]

UAH: 5375 4112 0635 8702

EUR: 5168 7450 2161 1964

USD: 5168 7450 3132 3527