Plunge into the world of virtual reality in Zatyshno space!

The Safe Spaces for Women and Girls network has introduced an innovative addition to its arsenal: VR helmets designed for psychological rehabilitation. This pioneering initiative has been brought to life by Aspichi, a Ukrainian startup at the forefront of developing cutting-edge virtual reality technologies

Meticulously crafted by a team of researchers, scientists, and psychologists, this psychological rehabilitation program holds a singular objective: equipping users with the tools for stress resilience and emotional regulation.

Oksana Kuiantseva, a board member of Vostok SOS, shared, “Psychologists emphasize the profound benefits of integrating VR helmets into psychotherapy, citing significant alleviation in symptoms related to anxiety, depression, alienation, and avoidance. Notably, this program stands apart as a creation of Ukrainian IT experts, tailored to address the needs of Ukrainians affected by the repercussions of war. The VR helmets will be employed by psychologists in the Zatyshno Space, enhancing individual counseling sessions.”

The VR headset immerses you in a previously unknown virtual world. The helmet and joysticks create a visual and acoustic effect of presence in many locations, including the Carpathians, the National Botanical Garden named after M. Hryshko, the Jellyfish Museum in Kyiv, and the Lviv Oceanarium.

“The videos about the Carpathians inspired me. It feels like you’re not just sitting still but staying in the most picturesque places: looking at the mountains, water, and nature. You can feel as if you are in that resource place where you are not physically located. I was excited to get away from everyday life. It is another great option for our visitors to relieve themselves emotionally,” said Vita Bondarenko, a social worker at the Safe Spaces Network.

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The Safe Space Network is a joint project of the Vostok SOS Charitable Foundation and the Response Consortium, an association of organizations that have been implementing a multisectoral humanitarian intervention for 12 months to address the critical and urgent needs of the affected population in Ukraine with the financial support of the USAID Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance (BHA). Vostok SOS is an implementing partner of CARE, a consortium member.