Oksana Kuiantseva, member of the board of the Vostok SOS CF, took part in the 32nd Economic Forum in Karpacz (Poland).

Oksana Kuiantseva, member of the board of the Vostok SOS Charitable Foundation, took part in the 32nd Economic Forum in Karpacz (Poland). The event is the largest political and economic conference in Central and Eastern Europe. This year’s Forum lasted three days, with many discussion panels devoted to the consequences of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The event brought together about 5,000 people: public figures, diplomats, journalists, representatives of business, state and local authorities. Among the attendees were more than 200 Ukrainian citizens.

Oksana Kuiantseva, Wojciech Ponikiewski (UNICEF), and John Grogan (Ukrainian-British City Club) participated in the panel discussion “Solidarity with Ukraine: Social Engagement and Humanitarian Aid”.

The participants discussed the current situation in the frontline regions of Ukraine, shared their vision of the first steps in implementing the reconstruction strategy, and focused on education.

“Our country requires long-term support programs that can assist the working population in establishing economic stability, including support for relocated medium-sized businesses and genuine aid for launching startups. Furthermore, it is crucial to attend to vulnerable groups, undertake the rebuilding and repair of shelters, and ensure decent living conditions,” Oksana Kuiantseva said.

The board member also noted that the foundation implements programs with a long-term perspective aimed at the psychological rehabilitation of war-affected individuals and providing support for educators.

As part of the discussion regarding the future return of refugees from abroad, the speakers expressed hope that this could present a significant opportunity to forge and enhance connections with European countries that are currently providing active assistance to Ukraine.