Mobile teams of the Dnipro region render assistance in places of compact residence of IDPs

For the past five months, the mobile units of the Vostok SOS Charitable Foundation have been extending psychosocial and legal support to those affected by Russian aggression in the Dnipro region. In July alone, the team carried out a total of 199 one-on-one counseling sessions and five group counseling sessions. They also conducted 16 art therapy sessions to alleviate anxiety and enhance stress resilience. In addition, they provided 97 various services.

These skilled professionals operate within collective centers, which serve as temporary residences for individuals evacuated by the Vostok SOS teams from the frontlines and de-occupied areas. They adopt a holistic approach to tackling the challenges faced by internally displaced people (IDPs). This encompasses aiding in document recovery, facilitating access to medical care, stabilizing their psycho-emotional well-being, and resolving legal matters.

Art therapy sessions, including drawing, have proven to be highly effective. They offer everyone a chance to temporarily shift their focus away from diverse problems, anxieties, and concerns, immersing themselves in the realm of creativity. Individuals find respite from their challenging present within a comfortable and trusting ambiance and engage in artistic expression. Our predominant subjects are landscapes, and we cater to all age groups, ranging from children to the elderly,” remarked psychologist Tetiana Kosova.

Social workers play a pivotal role in assisting individuals in resolving issues tied to lost documents, payments, and pensions. Legal assistance is also available upon request.

“There was an instance involving a visually impaired woman from Kherson. She had lost all her essential documents and was eager to expedite their restoration. Her husband awaited her in Uman. Our legal team supported her in reinstating the necessary documents and even helped establish a pension bank account. I walked alongside her through each step, offering unwavering support. Today, Zhanna is happily reunited with her husband, and that brings me immense joy,” shared social worker Vira Chernets.

Over the course of five months, the mobile teams have made visits to more than 50 residential locations in both Dnipro and the surrounding region. This endeavor is made possible through the financial and technical backing of the Swiss Foundation Solidar Suisse.