A two-day training for educators of the “Global education – we know human rights”

A two-day training for educators of the “Global education – we know human rights” project has ended in Uzhhorod.

The participants had the opportunity to analyze the impact of the war on educational processes together. We believe that the training will help strengthen the professional capabilities and communication skills of the school community.

“At such times, one needs to have not only weapons, but also information,” noted Yuliia Kishenko, Vostok SOS educational program manager.

23 principals and deputy headteachers of the Luhansk region joined our event in the Uzhhorod castle. Even the air alarm did not interfere with the training – under the sound of the siren we continued the event in the bomb shelter

Human rights in wartime were discussed by Serhiy Burov, Aleksandra Kozoroh and Андрій Кінаш. The experience of working with Ukrainian educators in Estonia and the adaptation of russian-speaking children to the studying process in Estonian language was shared by Aleksei Jašin, an employee of the MTÜ Mondo organization. Trainer Oksana Moroz, founder of the initiative “How not to become a vegetable?” (Як не стати овочем), described information hygiene to the participant.

The event was organized by the Charitable Foundation “Vostok SOS” in partnership with the Освітній дім прав людини в Чернігові / Human Rights House in Chernihiv and the Estonian organization MTÜ Mondo. The event was held with the financial support of the Estonian Centre for International Development.

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