We sent 8 printers to the teachers

Vostok SOS continues to support teachers from temporarily occupied and frontline territories. We often hear during our events that most teachers fled their hometowns with a minimal set of things or without any. All their devices usually stay at home, but an effective educational process requires it.Previously, we have already delivered laptops to educators.

This time we sent 8 printers to the administrations of the following schools:
Severodonetsk Multidisciplinary Lyceum;
Zolote Lyceum №5;
Severodonetsk secondary comprehensive school №5;
Lysychansk Lyceum №7;
Lysychansk Lyceum ​​№28 “Harant”;
Kreminna Lyceum №3;
Popasna Lyceum №20;
Lysychansk Gymnasium №24.

We hope that the new printers will help them to make teaching as effective as possible!Humanitarian aid is provided by the Charitable Foundation “Vostok SOS” in partnership with the Estonian organization MTÜ Mondo and with the financial support of Estonian Centre for International Development.