Vostok SOS rescued Zinaida from Kramatorsk

Evacuation means tears, hope, stress, panic, and rescue. Our team is well aware that fear of the unknown is a primary human emotion.

In the photo, Zinaida is wearing a white Vostok SOS bracelet. Thanks to these little pieces of paper, we know that the evacuees will reach their destination. The woman was crying as she was afraid to evacuate. Staying in Kramatorsk was dangerous, and evacuation was scary. 

Zinaida did not want to leave her home. At the same time, she did not want to stay alone in the frontline town. She was worried that if she decided to leave, she would get lost.

Our evacuation crew rescued Zinaida, and she has already boarded the train. She is on her way to her son.

Every human life is important, and we all deserve safety and comfort.

Vostok SOS evacuates people from the frontline and de-occupied territories. Our hotline is available from Monday to Saturday (8AM – 6PM).

Hotline number: 0800 332 614.

You can sign up for evacuation via messengers:

  • +38 099 710 48 72 (Viber);
  • +38 096 108 60 48 (Telegram).

Evacuation activities in the Donetsk region were supported b ピースウィンズ・ジャパン Peace Winds Japan and Japan Platform Japan Platform (ジャパン・プラットフォーム), and by Solidar Suisse Solidar Suisse in the Kherson region.