Vostok SOS joined search and rescue operation after russian missile attack in Dnipro

On January 14, a russian missile destroyed part of a residential apartment building in the densely populated area of Dnipro. As of 12AM on January 17, another act of bloody russian terrorism claimed the lives of at least 44 people, four of whom were under 18 years old. 79 people have been injured, 16 of them are children.

We cannot describe the pain that every Ukrainian and our country is experiencing. It is impossible to measure the anger towards an enemy who is deliberately killing us. In the worst times, all Ukrainians are one big family and we continue to help each other.

Vostok SOS evacuees from the Dnipro team joined forces with the Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS) team and provided first aid to the injured, bandaged them, set up a tent, transported people and helped retrieve the bodies of the killed from the rubble of the destroyed building.

With joint efforts, 39 people were saved, six of them are children. The search and rescue operation is continuing.