The Vostok SOS Charitable Foundation provided equipment and supplies to places of compact residence of IDPs in 5 regions of Ukraine during June 2023 worth UAH 1,700,000.

The charitable aid covered a variety of household appliances, such as washing and drying machines, kitchen and household equipment, electric and gas stoves, refrigerators, electric kettles, microwaves, water heaters, irons, air conditioners, and electrical equipment.

We successfully assisted in the following settlements:

  • Kyiv region (Irpin, Rude, Dmytrivka, Skvyra, Dymer, Tashan, Medvyn, Kukhari, Ivankiv);
  • Poltava region (Poltava, Horishni Plavni, Kremenchuk, Kotelva, Popivka, Nekhvoroshcha);
  • Chernihiv region (Novoselivka);
  • Sumy region (Hlukhiv, Sumy, Konotop);
  • Ivano-Frankivsk region (Serednii Bereziv).

Liubov Shumska, Director of Poltava Oil and Gas College of National University “Yurii Kondratiuk Poltava Polytechnic”, talks about the importance of supporting the residents of the dormitory, which has been housing about 200 IDPs from different parts of Ukraine since the first days of the full-scale invasion:”Most of our residents are women with children, people with disabilities, and older adults. The equipment helps to ease their daily routine and provide comfortable living conditions”.The modular town of Novoselivka-2 in the Chernihiv region is home to 169 IDPs.

Thanks to charitable assistance, the residents of the modular town can comfortably live there during summer. This is particularly valuable as modular houses heat up quickly.

Valentyna Yatsyna, former deputy head of the village council in Kyselivka, speaks about the assistance provided to the modular town of Novoselivka-2 : “We were provided with kitchen appliances, which are very much needed in our modular town, as many people live here. This help has simplified their lives. The air conditioners were essential due to the scorching weather, and the modular houses heat up quickly. The air conditioners help lower the temperature and create comfortable living conditions”.

The Vostok SOS team believes that decent living conditions and support for Ukrainian citizens are crucial, so we are committed to providing people with the essential tools to ease their daily routines and improve their lives. We are here to help!

The charitable assistance was provided as part of the project “Assistance to the war-affected population in Ukraine in winter conditions” with the financial support of the Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe.