We received the Peace Light of Bethlehem

Our week started fabulously! We received the Peace Light of Bethlehem from the National Organization of the Scouts of Ukraine.

“You can’t just walk with the Peace Light in Lviv! Until I passed the fire to ten passers-by, they did not let me go.. People asked three times where I had bought it,” admits Anastasiia Drapinska, manager of Vostok SOS.

The ceremony of passing the fire has been an international tradition since 1986. The lamp is lit from the fire in Bethlehem, transported to Austria, where other candles are lit from it and transferred across Europe.

This Light is also received by state and charitable institutions, leaders of countries, schools and hospitals. Legend says that the sacred flame brings prosperity and warms with loving warmth.This year the Peace Light of Bethlehem has a special meaning for every Ukrainian.

The Vostok SOS team believes that peace will soon reign in every home and settlement of our unbreakable country.