Welcome to the “Opinion Festival – 2021”!

The Opinion Festival 2021 will start on August 30! Given the circumstances of the new reality, up until September 3, we will see each other at online discussions. 

But on September 4 and 5 we will meet live!

This year’s Festival is important and significant, also because it’s an anniversary: 

In 2021 we will gather for the 5th time!

We offer to celebrate and create this year’s Opinion Festival together: 

• You can attend the large-scale and innovative event in eastern Ukraine and become an integral part of it by joining discussions, debates, seminars or workshops (as an author, speaker or just a participant);

• Expand your professional network through new acquaintances while communicating with activists and members of local, national and international non-governmental organizations, local authorities and decision-makers in a thematic area;

      • Suggest an interesting topic that you are working on and become a member of a discussion group. You can do this by filling out the form –  https://forms.gle/6PkKQGV4o7PSJCN16

     • Suggest another option of cooperation by calling us or writing to us on social media.

What is the Opinion Festival?

The Opinion Festival has been taking place in Severodonetsk every September for 4 years. The idea to create such a festival in Ukraine belongs to Vostok SOS and its partners – the Estonian organization Mondo. In Estonia, a similar event – Arvamusfestival – involves almost the entire country. In 2017, the smaller version of this festival was held for the first time in the Luhansk region.

A clear vision of what this festival should be like was born then. During the Opinion Festival, Severodonetsk becomes a magnet for people from all over Ukraine and an opportunity to develop the region through an interesting cultural and educational event, discussions and a joint search for effective solutions to existing challenges.

Over the years, the Festival has become a safe and comfortable space where the community can discuss current problems and issues with the authorities, opinion leaders, professionals, like-minded people and get feedback from experts and professionals working in your field.

Experts and moderators from different cities of Ukraine and European countries will take part in the Festival. Each of you can take part in the discussion or listen to others!

Here you can be seen how it went in the previous years – https://bit.ly/3yoW94U

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If you still have questions – write us:

Yulia Krasilnykova, coordinator [email protected]

Yulia Kishenko, program coordinator 0990784666

Nastya Horpinchenko, communication manager https://t.me/n_gorpinchenko , 0663121834

Sincerely, Charitable Foundation Vostok SOS