Vostok SOS team presented a comic book “From Conflict to Dialogue”

Ever been to a great training and a couple of weeks later, you wished you would still remember all the stuff you did and heard? Adressing this problem, we invited illustrator Sophia Runova to be with us for a the whole cycle of our training program “From Conflict to Dialogue”. She was drawing what we said and did. From these sketches we made a Comic for all those who passed the training and want to remember it, and also for those who are interested how they can befriend their nervous system, manage difficult situations well, solve conflicts effectively and live a resourceful life.

Last week, we presented the Comic in the area where it was born – we visited participants and other activists in Stanitsya Luhanska, Zolote, Popasna, Trechizbenka and Shastya, handed them their copy and talked about our next training program “non-violent conflict transformation” that is about to start soon.