Ukraine under fire – support Vostok SOS‘ aid operation!

Vostok SOS is responding to the escalating situation with a comprehensive humanitarian campaign. We help people evacuate, and provide humanitarian aid and psychosocial support. We have hotlines open for affected people and our team is on the ground in the region, ready to coordinate aid.

Please support our work with a donation.

Your donation will help us deliver medical and humanitarian aid to local people, evacuate vulnerable people, and provide tailored trauma support in the aftermath of shelling.

Band details:

IBAN: UA893005280000026007455028483

PayPal: [email protected]

You can use the, app to support people in Ukraine when making payments from Europe, Turkey, Israel, and some CIS countries.

Make a FEE FREE transfers using promo code “SUPPORT” for up to $250.

You can instantly replenish  Vostok SOS account via from any Visa or Mastercard card in any currency to one of the following card numbers: 

5168 7450 3091 9036 (UAH)

5168 7450 2161 1964 (EUR)

5168 7450 3132 3527 (USD)

If you prefer to transfer to a EUR bank account, please donate to the account of our partner organisation Libereco and call the transfer „Vostok SOS“

Account holder: Libereco
Bank: Ethikbank
IBAN: DE96 8309 4495 0003 3203 32

You can donate by credit card on our Partner´s website:

Please foward this call for donation to your friends and colleagues.

Any contribution is greatly appreciated!