At the August 14 General Meeting, the Charitable Foundation “Vostok-SOS” elected new members of the Coordinator’s Board. Yulia Kishenko, Milan Zaitsev, Ivetta Kuzmyna, Yevhenii Vasyliev and Oleksandra Dvoretska became members of the Board.

Yulia Kishenko took over the position of Chairman of the Board.

Kostyantyn Rieutskyi was appointed to be the new Executive Director of the Foundation.

The team thanks Yevhenii Vasyliev and Oleksandra Dvoretska for their work as Chairman of the Board and Executive Director. We commend the work of our colleagues in the governing bodies of the organization during this difficult period and we hope that the new management of the organization will be able to consolidate and strengthen the achieved results.The aims of the organization remain unchanged – assistance to victims of the Russian military aggression and democratic transformation in the eastern regions of Ukraine. And we call for the cooperation of everyone who shares our values ​​and strives for the same goals!