Sketch about humanitarian mission «Vostok-SOS – Liberated cities»

The history behind the humanitarian aid direction of “Vostok-SOS” acting on the territory of the military conflict in Donbas trace its roots in August 2014. “Liberated cities” (LC) is the historical name of the mobile mission since our team, consisting at that time of volunteers and activists, was moving after the Ukrainian army that liberated cities in the ATO zone.

On the eve of the 23rd Independence Day of the country, we made our first trip together with Kyiv volunteers. A month later, thanks to the incredible support of the society and friends at that time, we were able to acquire our own volunteer transport, which we immediately called ATObus. It became notably the mark and the indispensable member of the LC team in destroyed settlements of Donbass for the whole following time. Despite the huge number of breakdowns caused by automobile PTSD and of course Ukrainian and front-line roads, the volunteer bus is alive and ready for new challenges, as in early years.

In September 2018 we committed the 50th jubilee trip, bringing together teams of different years.

Overall, for four and a half years, 53 monthly humanitarian missions to the east of Ukraine have been held, lasting from 3 days to 5 weeks, repeatedly visiting more than a hundred localities, supporting about 40 thousand residents, 30 schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, hospitals and 20 rural ambulance stations, as well as centers of local civil activity.

Here are all the reports about our trips.

A short introductory sketch was filmed in the fall of 2018 by the Estonian team of operators, initiated by MTÜ Mondo within the EUAidVolunteers program.

Taking advantage of the moment, we would like to thank all the colleagues, participants, activists and volunteers of the team who traveled about 150 thousand kilometers of Ukrainian roads collecting clothes, food and hygiene, individual needs, stationery and children’s goods, books, building materials, medicines as well as medical, computer and school equipment delivering all this to the most affected by the war regions.

Many thanks to all those who supported the Vostok-SOS humanitarian activity in the east of the country, everyone who shared property and finances, who provided us with accomodation and repaired our equipment, everyone who supported us in everything and wished us all the best.

We express our respect and gratitude naturally to international structures, organizations and foundations, governments of a number of countries for the opportunity to conduct our activities and provide support to the victims of the armed conflict in Ukraine.

However, every passing year of war, the resources of our donors and international funds have been decreasing. Now Vostok-SOS continues to help residents of the frontline territories by providing mainly educational, psychological, legal and advocacy assistance.

Even today material assistance to residents of frontline territories remains relevant, and sometimes it is simply the only means of survival for families. It is difficult to provide psychological assistance if a person needs the most basic things. Having years of experience and understanding the needs of people on the ground, we are looking for funds and sponsors who would help us support and protect the most vulnerable categories of the population in the frontline region at this far from easy time for Ukraine.

Vostok-SOS – helping together!

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