We report on the assistance we provided from May 16th to May 22nd.

From 16 to 22 May, we sent 6 vehicles with humanitarian aid.

Here is the list of what we delivered to the CO “Educational House of Human Rights” in Chernihiv:

35 boxes of building materials with polyurethane foam, instruments, staplers and staples to them. As well as 11 rolls of protection for windows. 41 boxes of cleaning products, personal hygiene items and urological diapers. 10 boxes of food. As well as 33 sleeping bags and 2 fuel canisters.

Another car went to Dnipro, namely Kramatorsk, with the following things: 1500 lamps, 50 blankets and 500 mattresses, 512 food kits, 220 bottles of cleaning products and 110 packs of urological diapers.

Two cars went to hospitals in the east of the country and to our evacuation crews. They delivered: 21 stretchers, 250 turnstiles, 100 ordinary blankets and 1000 life jackets, 24 headlights, 20 raincoats, 250 different bandages, 300 units of hydrocortisone cream. And another 44 boxes of various medical instruments.

The following things were delivered to Kostiantynivka: 500 mattresses and 270 blankets, 1000 lamps, 485 food kits, 59 packs of urological diapers and 404 bottles of cleaning products.

We loaded the car to Borodyanka with: 40 food kits, 10 mattresses, 50 lamps and 20 hygiene kits.

Within a week we redirected to help:
336 020.85 UAH of your donations
107 667 UAH from Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe
1 603 238 UAH from Terre des hommes
196 061 UAH from MTÜ Mondo

All of this becomes possible because of your support and the support of our donors. Thanks to each of you!

Join the community of philanthropists and volunteers of “Vostok SOS”!

You can make a donation to a private card of the executive director of the fund: 5168 7450 3091 9036 (Yulia Krasilnykova).

Other details and currency accounts are at the link: https://cutt.ly/6ACN9yU