We report on support from our Estonian partners MTÜ Mondo

Last week we received a truck with humanitarian aid, which had 28 pallets of food, 3 pallets of detergents and 3 diesel generators.

Among the food we received:
– grains (rice, buckwheat, barley, millet);
– pasta;
– different types of cereals (rice, corn, wheat);
– soups;
– oil;
– kama (traditional Estonian product);
– pastries;
– coffee.

Products, detergents and generators were purchased as part of the “For Ukraine” campaign, which started in 2014 and resumed 3 months ago. Estonians will donate funds to support the victims of the war .

Thanks to the regular support of MTÜ Mondo, we help compact settlements and provide humanitarian aid in various regions of Ukraine! Thanks to our partners for their care!