We are going into the Verkhovna Rada because the many problems caused by the war and the political monopoly of the previous regional authorities cannot be solved without a change of legislation. We are going into the parliament because we are well aware of the problems of the region, we know how to solve them, and we know how to write laws and how to push them forward. Another goal we have is to prevent those who have been “at the helm” for two decades cynically robbing Lugansk region to come to power again.

We present to you our candidates:

– Ivetta Kuzmina, psychologist, co-founder of “Vostok-SOS”. 107th territorial constituency.

– Yevhenii Vasyliev, chairman of the “Vostok-SOS” board. 112th territorial constituency.

– Kostiantin Rieutskyi, journalist, co-founder of “Vostok-SOS”. 113th territorial constituency.

The Volunteer Initiative “Vostok-SOS” which later became a charitable foundation, was born during the Luhansk EuroMaidan and tempered by the war. Assisting the victims of the Russian hybrid aggression, the foundation has processed more than 400,000 requests over 5 years.

Our mobile teams have driven about 500,000 kilometers while visiting almost all settlements affected by the fighting and delivered hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid, provided legal and psychological support to the victims of the conflict. All of this would have been impossible without your participation.

And now, we cannot do it without your support either. We need funds to register our candidates – 42,000 hryvnia for each. Every hryvnia you donate will be a vote in favor of changing the rules of the political game in the region and in the whole country. We accept your donations on the PrivatBank card: 5168 7554 3777 7077 (Yevhenii Vasyliev) and online payments system (Tetiana Goncharuk).

But, most importantly, we need volunteers at the election headquarters – those who will help us build our campaign and take an active part in it. There is a lot of work ahead, resources are limited, the enemy is strong and well-organized. But we are confident that once we combine our efforts, we will win again.

If you are ready to walk this path with us, call the number: +380 50 803 59 63

or email us at [email protected]

Together we change the country!