The New York Times made an article about us.

«The terror can be all the more acute for the vulnerable and those unable to care for themselves, among them Zinaida Riabtseva, 77, who is blind and cannot leave her fifth-floor apartment on her own.

Last week, British and Ukrainian volunteers with the aid group Vostok SOS were called in to evacuate Ms. Riabtseva, along with her husband, Yuriy Riabtsev. After carefully placing her on a stretcher, volunteers carried her down five flights of stairs, while her husband followed behind with a few pieces of luggage.»

Since February 2022, our foundation together with Благодійний фонд “Янголи Спасіння” has evacuated more than 20,000 people.

Read about what is happening in eastern Ukraine by the link:

Photo creds to Ivor Prickett.
The article by Marichka Varenikova.