Stories of evacuated people: Mrs. Zhenya from Bakhmut

– You are so beautiful, Mrs. Zhenia!
– Oh, I’m so surprised to hear that from you!
– Why?
– Because we have been without water, without electricity, without anything for four months. When I looked in the mirror yesterday, it was horrible, black, all smoky, but you say it’s beautiful. Come closer, I’ll give you a hug!

We evacuated Mrs. Zhenia from Bakhmut together with her sister. At the station, they are showed us photos of their house — broken windows and shells in the middle of the street. The women left because they understood that they would not be able to wait out the winter in Bakhmut. You will not find stable supplies of water, gas or electricity in the frontline cities. 

Mrs. Zhenia and her sister have no place to stay and also need constant medical care. Vostok SOS directed the women to a centre for people with reduced mobility in Dnipro, where they are provided with food and care while we look for options for further accommodation.

Due to the approach of winter, we urge you to evacuate from the frontline areas or to evacuate your loved ones!

Vostok SOS has 30,000+ successful stories of evacuation to safe regions and we continue free evacuation for:

– low-mobility population groups with subsequent resettlement;
– elderly people;
– families with children;
– pets and their owners.

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