In December 2019, new human rights violations were detected in the occupied Luhansk and Donetsk regions controlled by the occupation administration of the Russian Federation. These include illegal detentions and restrictions on the freedom of movement of civilians, creation of a parallel legal system, violations of property rights, involvement of minors in propaganda. We have to note that all of these human rights violations have unfortunately become the «norm» for the residents of the so-called «people’s republics.»

1. Illegal arrests, detentions and restrictions on freedom of movement

A citizen of Donetsk «A» was sentenced by the so-called «Court of the DPR» to 17 years in prison for «espionage in favor of the Security Service of Ukraine.»

According to the report «for a year, starting with September 2017, a resident of Donetsk was carrying out terrorist and espionage activities in the territory of the DPR with the aim of an unhindered crossing of the checkpoint «Marinka» in order to transport and deliver parcels from the territory of Ukraine.»

«The accused was found guilty» on October 10, 2019, and the so-called «General Prosecutor’s Office of the DPR» only informed about this on December 6, 2019.

Grigory Sinchenko, who was freed by the exchange of detainees on December 27, 2017 was again taken hostage in October 2019.

The first time he was taken hostage in 2016 when he came for the confirmation regarding the group of his invalidity. In Cherson, the authorities could not issue such a confirmation, and therefore he was forced to apply for it in the occupied Donetsk. In captivity Gregory survived brutal torture and abuse.

This experience changed Grigory, according to his mother he closed himself. The woman believes that Grigory decided to take revenge on the militants for the experienced bullying, so in 2019 he returned to Donetsk, where he was again illegally arrested in October 2019.

On October 31, 2019, employees of the so-called «MGB DPR» brought Gregory to his mother’s apartment to conduct a search. Gregory was handcuffed and had traces of beatings on his body. After the search, no one has seen Gregory. The relatives do not know where Gregory is being kept. They suspect that he is being held in a secret prison – in isolation. He is not allowed to receive any packages. UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission was not granted access to him.

Grigory Sinchenko is accused by the fighters of committing a series of terrorist attacks. Gregory´s mother suggests that her son «could be behind the demolition of the Phoenix mobile communications tower in Donetsk. Then a video appeared on the network with the moment of the explosion, after which a sheet of paper was shown with the inscription «this was done to draw attention to the brutal torture in the basements of the MGB.» But there is no information that could confirm Gregory’s involvement in this.» This was reported by the Center for Civil Liberties on December 6, 2019.

DNA examination confirmed the identity of the man whose body was handed over by the representatives of the occupation administration in November. We wrote about this in a review for November 2019. 99.9% it is Roman Bespaly – a warrior of the 53rd brigade. This was reported on the brigade´s page on Facebook.

Resident of Donetsk E.Y. Stavtsev was sentenced to 14 years in prison for «espionage in favor of the security service of Ukraine.» «According to the investigation from June until October 2017 E. Yu. Stavtsev instructed by the foreign intelligence would regularly come to the territory of the DPR where he would collect information, take pictures of objects of interest of the SBU and then passed the collected information on the Ukrainian special service via internet.»

A resident of Donetsk «I» «was sentenced to five years in prison for participation in the terrorist network.»

According to the report between September and December 2017 «instructed by an SBU officer «I» allegedly carried out tasks aiming at causing harm to the security of the DPR.» What kind of «crimes» was not specified, but «the motives» were revealed: «the reason for the crime was a citizen´s personal interest in the unhindered crossing of the Aleksandrovka checkpoint in order to transport private passengers and delivery parcels from Ukraine.

Information about the «conviction of the accused» appeared on the webpage of the so-called «General Prosecutor’s Office of the DPR» on December 10, 2019, and the verdict was passed on October 30, 2019.

The so-called «LPR Supreme Court» sentenced Dmitry Pravatorov and Ekaterina Kotenko, residents of the occupied territory of the Luhansk region, to 15 and 12 years in prison for the alleged «espionage.»

Dmitry Pravatorov was also fined five minimum wages (13,780 rubles) and confiscation of all property. This is stated in a message on the website of the so-called «MGB LPR» on December 10, 2019.

A resident of Pervomajsk was sentenced by the so-called «Supreme Court of the LPR» to 12 years in prison for «high treason.» This was reported in the press service of the so-called «General Prosecutor’s Office of the LPR» on December 12, 2019. The report probably refers to Elena Sorokina, whom we wrote about in the September review.

Citizen of Latvia, Veselov Valentin (Veselov Valentin Borisovich), was sentenced to 10,5 years for «espionage» by the so-called «Supreme Court of the LPR.»

The so-called «MGB of LPR» claims that Valentin Veselov «was recruited by the special service of the Latvian Republic with the pseudonym «Elf.»

The news also clarifies the details of his «espionage» activities: «In 2014, based on instructions from a foreign intelligence, he was sent to the territory of the Luhansk People´s Republic for espionage activities. With the use of diverse technical equipment V. Veselov collected and handed over information regarding the military and the units of the People´s Militia, as well as information about the socio-political and economic situation in the Republic and other information which were supposed to serve the Latvian intelligence to undermine the security of the Luhansk People´s Republic.

On December 19, 2019 an exchange of detainees between Ukraine and certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts (ORDLO) took place. As a result, 76 people returned to Ukraine from the uncontrolled territories of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions.


  1. Voskoboinik Vladimir Vladimirovich;
  2. Geymur Alexander Yuryevich;
  3. Glondar Sergey Viktorovich;
  4. Deev Ivan Anatolievich;
  5. Duvanov Kim Vladimirovich;
  6. Yevtushok Yuri Alexandrovich;
  7. Zhemelinsky Vasily Leonidovich;
  8. Ivanchuk Sergey Alexandrovich;
  9. Korinkov Alexander Alexandrovich;
  10. Pantyushenko Bogdan Valerievich;
  11. Pundor Boris Iosifovich;
  12. Fursov Roman Viktorovich.


  1. Aloyan Eduard Faramazovich;
  2. Anikimov Vitaly Andreevich;
  3. Aseev Stanislav Vladimirovich;
  4. Bagnenko Larisa Aleksandrovna;
  5. Batrak Dmitry Vladimirovich;
  6. Brazhnikov Evgeny Nikolaevich;
  7. Burtsev Vladimir Evgenievich;
  8. Buyanov Vitaliy Alexandrovich;
  9. Voronina Victoria Olegovna;
  10. Galazyuk Oleg Dmitrievich;
  11. Gis Roman Vladimirovich;
  12. Goncharova Tatyana Alexandrovna;
  13. Gorban Evgeny Yuryevich;
  14. Gorbulich Tatyana Nikolaevna;
  15. Gubkina Olga Mikhailovna;
  16. Danilchenko Alexander Alexandrovich;
  17. Danilchenko Vladimir Alexandrovich;
  18. Derkach Vasily Ivanovich;
  19. Eremenko Valentina Aleksandrovna;
  20. Zhenchus Andrey Vidmantasovich;
  21. Zavalna Elena Yuryevna;
  22. Zavatsky Vadim Yurievich;
  23. Karachor Natalya Ivanovna;
  24. Karpuk Dmitry Valerievich;
  25. Katyshev Ivan Alexandrovich;
  26. Keryukhin Sergey Nikolaevich;
  27. Koval Denis Vyacheslavovich;
  28. Korkishko Roman Viktorovich;
  29. Andrei Andrey Kochmuradov;
  30. Krivosheev Yakov Mikhailovich;
  31. Kulakov Oleg Vladimirovich;
  32. Kulish Igor Valerievich;
  33. Lazareva Elena Viktorovna;
  34. Maltseva Zinaida Nikolaevna;
  35. Mukhina Anastasia Vladimirovna;
  36. Nikolaev Sergey Alexandrovich;
  37. Oleinik Denis Anatolyevich;
  38. Paukov Alexander Sergeevich;
  39. Pechenkin Stanislav Nikolaevich;
  40. Pisanets Roman Yurievich;
  41. Polikarpov Kirill Sergeevich;
  42. Polyakov Alexander Gennadievich;
  43. Rehearsed Alexander Petrovich;
  44. Robak Sergey Viktorovich;
  45. Romanchenko Valery Alexandrovich;
  46. Savin Vasily Konstantinovich;
  47. Sekatsky Denis Valerievich;
  48. Semenov Valery Mikhailovich;
  49. Anatoly Semirenko;
  50. Sokolov Valery Anatolyevich;
  51. Sorokina Elena Vyacheslavovna;
  52. Sugerey Oleg Viktorovich;
  53. Tarasyuk Valery Alexandrovich;
  54. Theoenter Maxim Alexandrovich;
  55. Tereshchenko Galina Ivanovna;
  56. Timofeev Alexander Leonidovich;
  57. Tuchin Yuri Alekseevich;
  58. Usatyuk Sergey Vladimirovich;
  59. Halimendik Vadim Viktorovich;
  60. Tsyganok Evgeny Valentinovich;
  61. Chuikova Marina Vladimirovna;
  62. Sheiter Ruslan Alekseevich;
  63. Yarmishko Alla Ilyinichna;
  64. Yarovoy Andrey Mikhailovich.

2. Creation of a parallel legal system, bar, notaries, and courts

In the occupied Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, the Russia-backed occupation administrations and the media under their control continue to inform local residents and the world about the activities of their «state bodies.» We note that these activities have no legal effect and are aimed only at demonstrating the so-called «statehood» in the «republics.»

On December 13, 2019, «the MPs» of the so-called «People’s Council of the LPR» adopted in the course of their plenary session the laws: «On Amending Article 69 of the Law of Lugansk People´s Republic on the Prosecutor’s Office of the Lugansk People’s Republic»; «On Amending Article 127 of the Family Code of the Luhansk People’s Republic»; «On Amendments to Articles 24 and 53 of the Law of the Luhansk People’s Republic On Military Duty and Military Service»; «On the Procedure Regarding Requests of Citizens of the Lugansk People’s Republic.»

On the same day the deputies of the so-called «People’s Council of the DPR» adopted after two readings the law «On the Civil Code of the DPR.»

3. Compulsory membership in «social» organizations and participation in «patriotic» and «social» actions of the «LPR» and «DPR.» Involvement of children in propaganda.

In the occupied Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, controlled by the occupation administration of the Russian Federation, anti-Ukrainian propaganda is being conducted under the cover of the «military-patriotic upbringing», among children, adolescents and young people, with their involvement as members of «social» organizations.

Employees of state-financed enterprises with the so-called «external administration» have no opportunity to refuse to participate in the activities of «social» organizations, as they risk being subjected to serious pressure and persecution. These actions by the representatives of the occupation administrations are qualified as violations of «freedom of association.»

On December 12, 2019, in the city of Irmino, on the facade of school No. 32, a memorial plaque was unveiled. The plaque was dedicated to Pavel Dremov, the chieftain of the illegal armed group Cossack National Guard. In August 2018, the so-called «LPR government» named the school no. 32 after Dremov. The event attracted students from the school, as well as teachers.

School no. 11 in the village of Uralo-Kavkaz located in the Sorokinsky District (formerly Krasnodonsky District) was named after the military NZF of the so-called «LPR» Denis Golenkov. The event attracted children of primary school age. This was reported on December 13, 2019 in the administration of Sorokin and Sorokin district.

4. Violation of property rights

In December 2019, the process of so-called «nationalization» of enterprises that previously operated under Ukrainian jurisdiction or belonged to Ukrainian citizens residing since the beginning of the conflict in the Ukrainian-controlled territories continued in Luhansk and Donetsk regions under the control of the occupation administration of the Russian Federation. In our opinion, the following facts should be qualified as violations of property rights. It should be noted that these violations are systematic and widespread in the occupied regions of Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts.

The so-called «Donetsk People’s Republic State Property Fund» reported in December 2019 of six vacant real estate objects, which are to be put out on lease.

In December 2019, the so-called «state committee of taxes and duties» of the so-called «LPR» published 34 announcements concerning the discovery of unclaimed property objects.

Among the property declared vacant are:

  • Property of legal entities: administrative buildings, non-residential buildings and parts of buildings, warehouses, freight cars, pieces of the railway, railway tanks, agricultural equipment, truck scales, gas pipelines, gas pipelines equipment, optical amplifiers, fiber-optic cables, metering devices, safes, metal boxes, electricity meters, cable lines, self-service payment terminals, ATMs, advertising structures, office equipment, office furniture.
  • Property of individuals: a trade pavilion, refrigerators, cars, money, cartons of cigarettes, water meter, inflatable boat, alcohol.

It should be noted that claims from owners are accepted within 1 to 60 days from the date of publication of the announcement. At the end of this period, the property is transferred to the control of «LPR.»

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