Playing lesson in the Rubizhne center “My Dream”

Three volunteers from “Vostok-SOS” came for the first time to visit the children’s center “Моя Мрiя” (My Dream) in the town Rubizhne. The kids met Iuno from Romania, Karolina from Poland and Julia from Denmark. They discussed an animated film, played games, guessed English words in teams and asked the volunteers about their countries.

Thus, they learned that bicycles are the most common means of transportation in Denmark, that Polish cuisine is not that different than Ukrainian and that in Romania – in the country of Dracula – everyone eats a lot of garlic.

The kids also decided in teams what is important for them and for their city. They dream of a clean and green city with bicycle roads, sport halls, entertainment options and an IT-company! “Our dream is that there won’t be any wars”, “we want everyone to have a European education”, “and we want to go on vacation to Los Angeles!” – the children and teenagers told the volunteers.

“Моя Мрiя” was founded with this idea in mind – that it will be the place where children’s dreams will come true!

This project is realized by Human rights center Postup within the #Euaidvolunteers initiative in partnership with the Estonian NGO MTÜ Mondo with the participation of Vostok-SOS.