International meetings in The Hague during the advocacy visit to Europe

Yulia Krasilnykova, the Executive Director of the Vostok SOS Charitable Foundation, along with board members Yevheniia Tkachuk and Oksana Kuiantseva, conducted a series of international meetings during the advocacy visit to Europe. In The Hague (the Netherlands), they presented the Foundation’s activities and the urgent humanitarian needs identified during the May monitoring visit to the frontline settlements of the Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia regions.

“We met with the director and representatives of the Foundation Max van der Stoel, working to build democratic processes in the EU’s neighboring countries; shared our many years of experience in documenting war crimes and human rights activities. We also discussed the humanitarian crisis caused by the russian full-scale war in Ukraine”, said Yuliia Krasilnykova.

Additionally, the Foundation’s representatives met with the Ukrainian working group of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Helsinki Committee of the Netherlands (NHC). In the meeting, the participants highlighted the challenges faced by psychosocial workers in Ukraine. They also emphasized the need for informational support from European institutions, especially the evacuation of children from the frontline territories and the further development of humanitarian programs for Ukrainian refugees abroad.

This was followed by a meeting with representatives of civil society organizations and the political sector at the Helsinki Committee of the Netherlands.

“We spoke about the evacuation and construction of centers for internally displaced persons and shared information about the Foundation’s humanitarian projects. We also discussed the needs of communities located in the frontline areas. The audience actively participated in the discussion, asking many questions about the localization of humanitarian programs, support for new NGOs in Ukraine, and cooperation with international partners”, said the Foundation’s Executive Director.

The Vostok SOS Charitable Foundation plays a crucial role in addressing the urgent needs of the affected population, monitoring the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, and advocating for necessary changes as part of the project “Support For Vulnerable and Hard-to-Reach Groups in War-Affected Ukraine”, financially supported by the European Union.

We thank our partner Libereco – Partnership for Human Rights for their continuous support and events organization!