Evacuation of people with reduced mobility to Berlin

“You know, we didn’t believe until the end that we would be able to escape from this hell and see a peaceful life.” – the Vostok SOS team constantly hears similar phrases from people whom we managed to evacuate from the frontline areas.

And now we can really give the evacuees the opportunity to start a new life and face old age calmly. In October, in cooperation with CF Help For Ukrainians, we managed to bring 40 people from the places of hostilities and temporarily occupied territories to Berlin. 12 of them are persons with limited mobility who need constant care and attention.

The Vostok SOS team and CF Help For Ukrainians took care of this as well — all evacuees will be accommodated free of charge in specialized institutions and provided with everything they need. Thanks to the Libireco team, who helped accommodate 12 people with reduced mobility.

100,000 UAH of your donations were spent on the trip.

With these funds we:

  • Organized medical support for the injured.
  • Bought medicines, food and water for the trip.
  • Paid for the work of the drivers and covered various logistics costs.

Dmytro and Viktoria from CF Help For Ukrainians took care of transportation, found drivers and organized logistics. Thank you friends!

We are not stopping and are already preparing the next mission! And we need your help. On October 31 and November 7, two groups of evacuees are to arrive in Berlin, 38 of them are people with reduced mobility. For this we need to collect at least 200,000 UAH.

You can support our activities using the following details:
Recipient: Charitable organization “Charitable Foundation “Vostok-SOS”
EDRPOU code: 39764400
IBAN: UA893005280000026007455028483
Purpose of payment: Charitable contribution

Other details and currency accounts are at the link: https://vostok-sos.org/en/i-wanna-help/rekvizyty-dlia-hroshovoho-perekazu/