This reportage broadcast by France 24 about the Ukrainians’ raising hopes of a resolution of the armed conflict with Russia after the beginning of Volodymyr Zelensky’s presidential mandate, a renewal of the talks in the so-called “Normandy Format”, a prisoner exchange and an attempt of the troops’ withdrawal.

From Stanitsia Luhanska our colleague, Milan Zaitsev, has commented with skepticism, the situation concerning the troops’ withdrawal from the actual front line:

“It all looks somehow staged. The reality is that the war will not end until the Russian forces are withdrawn from all the areas that are currently outside the Ukrainian government control. And that won’t happend until the Kremlin orders it.

The risk remains that this territory could be taken over by the separatists if that would suit Kremlin at some point in the future. And the Kremlin will use whatever opportunities are available to put pressure on Ukraine, on certain people and on the international community”.