2019 Opinion Festival Discussion Program

We call your attention to the final discussions program of the Opinion Festival 2019, which will be held on September 7 in Sievierodonetsk, in the park next to the Maidan Peremohy (Victory Square).

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The General program of the Opinion Festival 2019 is available at the link.


Location 1
12:00-13:30 Education reform, why it worked in Estonia and the Czech Republic and will it work in Ukraine? Description
14:00-15:30 The fight for clean air in the Czech Republic: Examples, successes and tasks Description
16:00-17:30 Does decommunization end with the renaming of street?
Location 2
12:00-13:30 City data: How open data can serve the residents of local communities Description
14:00-15:30 Digital transformation at community level Description
16:00-17:30 Digital security and digital rights of citizens
Location 3
12:00-13:30 How not to drown in election promises and come to love critical thinking? Description
14:00-15:30 Media literacy and manipulation in mass and social media Description
16:00-17:30 On the needs and achievements of civil society in eastern Ukraine according to its representatives Description
Location 4
11:30-13:00 Are labor jobs “dinosaurs” or our future? Description
13:15-14:45 Gender stereotypes: Myth or reality? Description
15:00-16:30 City culture. The direction of development of Sievierodonetsk Description
16:30-17:30 Open working meeting: Let’s fix up the hospital Description
Location 5
11:30-13:00 To hold it or not to hold it, that is the question! Or the lack of public toilets in the city Description
13:15-14:45 East Germany and eastern Ukraine: Common features of political identity Description
15:00-16:30 The dream to teach everyone! Or inclusive environment in schools Description
Location 6
12:00-13:30 Reportage by TV channel UA:Donbass
14:00-15:30 Discussion with the main prosecutor of Estonia: Ethics and corruption in the public sector Description
16:00-17:30 Bad peace or good war? Or how to achieve justice Description
Location 7
11:30-13:00 From the Phoenix bird to the bird of happiness! Internal resource and prevention of emotional burnout Description
13:15-14:45 Homeless pets: a common responsibility Description
15:00-16:30 Till the end of the world! International exchanges, internships and volunteering Description
Location 8
11:30-13:00 Speak Ukrainian? The place of Ukrainian language in the eastern regions of Ukraine Description
13:15-14:45 Sex, drugs, rock’n’roll – integrating invisible people Description
15:00-16:30 Unforgettable childhood or children’s tourism in Ukraine Description

Presentation location:

9:00-12:00 Artists’ work on the letters “Opinion Fest”
11:00-17:00 Platform for informing about mine security “Knowledge yes – mines no”
11:00-18:00 Children’s location
11:00-20:00 Exhibition “Velvet Revolution. The end of the totalitarian regime in Czechoslovakia” (Location No 1)
11.00-20.00 Information installation of the club CSM (Center for Contemporary Art)  
12:00-16:00 Presentation of the program UP shift from UNICEF Description
13:00-13:30 Quiz for children and adults “My Luganschyna” Description
13:00-16:00 Creative union “Ne freska, konechno”. Activity with the minibus START – collective creation of a public art object
16:45-17-45 Discussion by the minibus START “The beginning of a new history or the end of an old one?” by Tymur Klochko, culture activist from Sievierodonetsk. Description
14:00-16:00 Active citizens: Community mapping of Sievierodonetsk
15:00-15:30 Mini concert – ukulele covers
17:30-18:00 Flash mob “Gather your community” (location No 2)

Evening Program:

Concert. Hip-hop artist from Estonia Reket Description
Concert. “Vagonovozhatye” (Ukraine – IDM, spoken word, electro-rock) Description
Night movie screening. The film “Kolya” (Oscar winner)

The festival program is being finalized, each theme will be added gradually on this page.
Stay tuned!

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Contact information: [email protected], (099) 078-46-66

The organizers of the Opinion Festival are the Charitable Foundation “Vostok-SOS” and the Estonian organization MTÜ Mondo in partnership with Democracy Reporting International and Libereco – Partnership for Human Rights. The media partner of the festival is GURT Resource Center: Portal of Socially Active Citizens and the main media partner is the TV station UA: Donbass and UA: Ukrainian Radio Pulse.

The Czech Center co-organizes the event.

The Festival is a part of the Transition Promotion Program and takes place with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

and with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia and the Swiss Embassy in Ukraine.